Tutorial – Calendar Advanced Features

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These features are best used in the Combined Month View.

Click to go to the Full Screen View page:

3 Views Available

The calendar opens in the “Month” view.
Click “Month” to restore this view.

Click “Agenda” for a wider version of the Masses and Events page.

Click “Week” for a 7-day view.
Use the slider bar up/down to see more of the day.


Yes, you can print the calendar you see on your printer-equipped computer.
Click the Print button and your computer will take care of the rest.

Pro question: Will this work on a phone or tablet with printer configured?
We don’t know. If you try it, let us know, OK?

SECRET Option: TWO Separate Calendars

Is the calendar too crowded? Too many details?
Under the covers, there are two calendars, one for Masses, one for Events.
Click the arrow to reveal them.

Click the checkboxes to choose one or both.
This also works in the Week and Agenda views.

Same dates, showing only Events (no Masses)

PRO Option: Add To Google Calendar

IF you are logged in to your own Google account, you can include the Holy Name calendars in your own Google calendar view. They will appear as secondary calendars that you can view/unview with checkboxes.

This will allow you to see the Holy Name calendars in your own Google calendar without having to go to the Holy Name website. You will have read-only access.

Click the “+Google Calendar” button at the bottom of the calendar.

The TWO calendars will be displayed as checkboxes. Choose one, or both to include.

Then your own Google calendar will be displayed.

The Holy Name calendar(s) will be listed under “Other calendars” with checkboxes to show/hide them, and an “unsubscribe” option when you hover the mouse pointer over them.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name