Tutorial – Calendar Basics: Event Detail

Unlock hidden information in Masses and Events!

Are you new here, maybe looking for an out-of-town Mass?
Check out the (map) link below.

Click any event to get more details.
Click again to hide the details.

Expanded event showing details
All this information is entered when we create a calendar event.
We try to make it as complete as possible.

When: Date and time.
Of course, the end time may be an estimate.

Where: We try to always include a complete address, for anybody who may not know.

Click (map) to display the address in Google Maps in a separate tab (not shown).
Use with care: Google always includes this link, whether the address is complete or not. This is another reason why we try to always include the full address.

Any relevant details will appear here.
In this case the room where the 1st Communion Class is held (Parish Hall)

Another example of available details.

Note: the (map) link for Derwent Hall does NOT show the true location, because we haven’t found a street address for it that Google can understand.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name