Tutorial – Attend Mass Online (Facebook)

Good to know:
Use the same method to watch any prior Mass in Facebook. They just won’t be labelled “LIVE”.

Before you start:
Click to open the Spiritual Communion Prayer in a separate tab.
The priest may invite you to pray this before Communion.

Click a Mass event (labeled *LS) to display the details:

Typical details:

Click the link to open the Facebook page:

Facebook pages may differ, but you should see a LIVE event (lower right, circled). Click on the image to open the video.
If you don’t see the live event, it may not have started yet (wait awhile or come back later).
If you see “Videos LIVE” (circled, left) but no LIVE event, the Mass has started. Click “Videos LIVE” to go to a videos folder. It should be first on the list.

Facebook Mass:

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name