Check-in List Instructions (old)

Too much detail? See the Check-in List Quick Notes

Step 1: Log in to SignUpGenius

Navigate to the “Mass Sign Up” page.

  1. If “Log In” appears at the top right corner of the window:
    • Click “Log In”
    • Log in using
    • The Select Account” page appears
    • Click
    • The changes to
    • The Reports page appears.
      Go to 3.
  2. If a logo shows at the top right corner of the window:
    • Click the logo
    • Click “Switch Account” in the menu bar that appears below the logo. (OR click “Sign Ups“, then click “Switch Account“)
    • The Select Account” page appears
    • Click
    • The changes to
    • The Reports page appears.
      Continue to 3.
  3. When a logo shows at the top right corner of the window:
    • If the Reports page is not displayed, click or

Step 2: Generate a Check-in Report

  • Scroll down to the “Generate a New Report” section.
  • Select these options:
  • Click:
  • Popup windows appear and close:
    • “Preparing to build”, then
    • “The report was generated successfully.”
  • The “Reports” window returns.
    • Your report is shown at the top of the “View Recently Generated Reports” list.

Step 3: Export Check-in data to CSV

  • Find your report at the top of the list
    Click its “View Report” icon: Note: you can return to this page and open any previously generated report.
  • A list appears. This is the basis of your report.
  • Click:
  • Click:
  • A “Save As” popup window appears.
    • Save with a standard filename:
      • Signup yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm PM”
      • eg “Signup 2020-12-05 5 PM”
    • Note the folder location.

Step 4: Open the CSV file

  • Your filename should appear in the bottom left corner of the window.
    • If so, click the filename to open it as a spreadsheet.
  • If not, either:
    • Exit your browser
    • Navigate to the folder where you saved the CSV file
    • Click the file name to open it in your spreadsheet app.
  • OR:
    • Exit your browser
    • Start your spreadsheet app
    • Click “Open file”, then find the CSV file to open.

Step 5: Create the Check-in list

  • Save the file right away as an “Excel workbook file (*.xlsx) file.
    • Multiple masses on one day? They are all included in the file. You can’t choose just one.
      See Pro Tip below.

At first your spreadsheet file may look like this:

The CSV file may initially look like this

Some spreadsheet skills are required:

  • Adjust column widths to make everything readable
  • Sort by:
    • Start Date/Time, Last Name, First Name, or
    • Start Date/Time, Item, Last Name, First Name
  • Technical option: insert page break(s)
    • See Pro Tip below for multiple masses on one day
  • Delete:
    • Any unwanted dates or other info (rows)
    • “Start Date/Time” column
    • “Location” column
    • “Item Comment” column
    • “Sign Up Timestamp” column
    • Phone Type” column
  • Rearrange columns (optional, see samples below)
  • Add a “Check In” column (optional)
  • Change the column headings
    • Change “Sign Up Comment” to “Others
    • Change “Item” to “Role
  • Insert a title row with the date, time and location
    • cells merged and centered
    • repeat after each (optional) page break
  • Bold the headings
  • Readjust columns widths as required
  • Increase font size
    • Title: 18
    • Column headings: 16
    • Body: 14
  • Format “All Borders” on all cells in the print area
  • Set the Print Area
    • Include blank cells at the bottom (optional)

The finished product may look like this:

Or like this:

    • Orientation: Landscape
    • Scaling: Fit All Columns on One Page

Pro Tip:
What if there are multiple masses on one day?

SignUpGenius selects all the signups for the date you enter.
You can’t choose just one mass.

  • Option A (easy): Repeat Steps 2-5 for each mass you want to print.
    • Delete the rows you don’t need each time.
  • Option B (easy): save separate files at the beginning of Step 5
    • Save the spreadsheet again for each separate mass (with appropriate filenames).
    • Edit each file separately, deleting the rows you don’t need.
  • Option C (more challenging): single spreadsheet with page break(s).
    In Step 5, before deleting any columns:
    • Make sure the rows are sorted by Start Date (sort if needed).
    • Insert a page break at the beginning of each mass
      It’s easy! Click here and here for instructions.
    • Proceed as usual, creating the title row at the top of each mass

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