Sacred Art & Environment (Decorations)

Under the direction of the Pastor, the Decorations Member prepares for the Liturgical celebrations at the Parish.  The beauty, quality and appropriateness of the space where the Liturgy is celebrated are crucial for full participation by the assembly.


  • Ensure that the appropriate articles are prepared while keeping in mind the primary visual and tangible aspect of the celebrations of Sacred Rites.
  • Plan the visual layout in order to enhance the Liturgical celebration (i.e. flowers, hangings, seasonal, ornamentation etc.)
  • Ensure that the general Liturgical environment (arrangement of space, furnishings, lighting, permanent decorations etc.) corresponds to the aesthetic and ritual vision of the Parish.
  • Be available to assist as required in preparing the space for Liturgical celebrations and Sacred Rites.
  • Collaborate with the Pastor and with other members of the Parish staff, integrating their own area of responsibility with the overall Parish endeavor.
  • Participate fully in the Liturgy as an exemplary member of the assembly.
  • Be available for meetings and training on both the Parish and Diocesan levels.