Frequently Asked Questions

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How to arrange a funeral?

Download and/or read Guide For Planning Catholic Funerals.

Please contact the Parish Office.

How to arrange a wedding?

Please contact the Parish Office 5-6 months before your wedding date, to start your marriage preparation course.

See Marriage.

How to arrange Baptism of a child?

Please see the Baptism page.

How to arrange Baptism of an adult?

Please see Becoming Catholic.

How to become Catholic? Do you have Membership Classes?

Other denominations have Membership Classes; Catholics have RCIA.

You can join RCIA to learn about Catholicism, with no commitments required.

See Becoming Catholic.

How to obtain a copy of my baptism certificate?

To obtain a copy of a Sacramental record, you will need to contact the parish where you were baptized.

If your church has been merged into a new parish, the parish office should have all the baptism records. For instance, the Holy Name parish office has the baptism records for St Columba and St Joseph churches.

If the church were you were baptized is closed down and is not merged to another parish or does not exist anymore, contact the diocese of the former parish. The contact information for the dioceses of Canada can be found here on the CCCB website.

Or, you can always start by contacting the office at Holy Name parish.

How to obtain a papal blessing for a 50th wedding anniversary?

To obtain a papal blessing to highlight a 50th wedding anniversary, you need to contact your parish office.

How to request visits for someone who is ill?

If you or someone in your family is seriously ill or will be entering hospital for surgery and you wish to receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, please contact the Parish office to arrange visits by Fr. Joy.

Many hospitals in Edmonton and in some rural communities have Chaplains on staff. If you are in hospital or going to be in hospital and would like to receive a visit from a Chaplain or Pastor, please speak with the staff on the hospital unit. Information regarding your religious affiliation is not always noted on admission; therefore it may not be on your chart. If you want to receive a visit from a Catholic Priest, then again, please ask the staff on your unit and they will arrange for a visit to take place.

How to return to the Catholic Church?

The first thing you should know is that you never left the Church. Through your baptism, you always remained Catholic.

However, if you’ve been away from the Church for several years, it would be good to take a refresher course. For example, there is a course called Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). Although you are not preparing for sacraments of initiation, it would be a good place to become re-acquainted with the Church.

Also, if your parish offers a bible study, this would also be a good place to start.

See Catholics Come Home.

How to volunteer at the parish?

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

See the Pastor & Staff page.

In an emergency, whom do I contact?

During office hours, please call the office number.

Otherwise, call the emergency number.

See phone numbers in the Contact page.

See Anointing of the sick / Last Rites.

We are new here. How to join the Parish?


Please register at the Parish Office.

What is – and who is – the Chancellor?

The Chancellor acts as a custodian and notary of the activities of the curia, the offices of the diocese.

Josée Marr is currently the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

More information at https://caedm.ca/PastoralScene/entryid/710/asking-for-a-friend-whats-a-chancellor

What is – and who is – the Judicial Vicar?

“The Judicial Vicar is one of the offices that is mandated in Canon Law (1420 §1) to be in every diocese. In general, he is a priest with specialized legal training who has oversight over all canonical affairs.”

Father Philip Creurer is the current Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

“While the Vicar General is empowered to act on behalf of the Archbishop in his executive functions, the Judicial Vicar is the one who helps him exercise his judicial functions”, Father Philip explains.

More information at https://caedm.ca/PastoralScene/entryid/705/asking-for-a-friend-whats-a-judicial-vicar.

What is – and who is – the Vicar General?

“The Vicar General is a priest who assists the bishop in governing the diocese and has the power to act on his behalf as required.”

Father Jim Carrigan is the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

More information:

What is a Permanent Deacon?

See this page from the Archdiocese of Edmonton

See this video from the Archdiocese of Edmonton

What is a Transitional Deacon?

A Transitional Deacon is one of the final steps before priestly ordination.

What is RCIA?

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults.

It’s the process for adults to become Catholic.

See Becoming Catholic.

Visit How Do I Become Catholic at the Archdiocese.

What is the PFC?

Parish Financial Council – A consultative group to assist the pastor in the administration of parish temporal matters.

What is the PPC?

Parish Pastoral Council – Eight to twelve parishioners selected by the pastor to assist and advise the pastor, and to facilitate communication with the parish.

See this page at the archdiocese.

What is Together We Serve?

The annual Archdiocese of Edmonton appeal to support our charitable partners.

See About Together We Serve.

See Donations to donate.

Visit Together We Serve at the Archdiocese of Edmonton.

What version of the Bible is officially used by Catholics in Canada?

The Bible approved for use in Canada is the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) – Catholic Edition.

The Catholic Edition contains the Deuterocanonical books, which are not included in the Protestant editions.

When are Last Rites required?

Where to consult the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is the official reference for Catholic doctrine, encompassing questions of faith and morals.

See Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Where to get donation envelopes?

Inquire at the Parish Office.

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