Comparing Donation Methods

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Cheques or Post-Dated Cheques

  • Make cheques payable to: “Holy Name Parish”
  • Mail or drop-off at the office, or use Sunday Offering Envelopes
    See Contact for the mailing address.
  • Advantages of cheques:
    • You already pay everything by cheque.
    • Self-adhesive stamps & envelopes. Saliva not necessary.
    • Options: One-time or post-dated, any dates.
  • Disadvantages of cheques:
    • Who uses cheques any more?
    • Chequing account fees.
    • You have to buy stamps & envelopes.
  • Advantage of mailing cheques:
    • You get to walk to the mailbox.
  • Disdvantage of mailing cheques:
    • You have to walk to the mailbox.
  • See Contact for the mailing address.

See Cheques and Cash – Instructions

See About Offering Envelopes

Interac e-Transfer

  • Advantages:
    • No transaction fees, no cheque fees.
    • Funds transferred immediately from bank account. No credit card.
    • Options: One-time-only.
    • Secure: PFunds are transferred directly into the Parish account, with no user intervention. Learn more: Interac Autodeposit.
  • Disadvantage:
    • No recurring option.
  • No forms to fill out.

See Interac e-Transfer – Instructions

Pre-Authorized Giving

  • Advantages:
    • No transaction fees, no cheque fees.
    • Options: Recurring donations, either monthly or weekly.
    • Stable, predictable funding for the Parish.
  • Disadvantage:
    • No ability to make a “one-time only” donation.
  • Download or request a form to fill out.

See Pre-Authorized Giving – Instructions

Online e-Donations

  • Advantages:
    • Provided and promoted by the Archdiocese for various funding opportunities here.
    • Uses a major credit card.
    • Options: Both one-time and recurring monthly donations are possible.
  • Disadvantages:
    • 3% transaction fee charged to the parish.
    • No weekly recurring option.
  • Via the Archdiocese website

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