Interac e-Transfer Instructions

Use e-Transfer© for one-time donations to Holy Name Parish,
or to transfer funds to anybody. Millions of people use e-Transfer© to securely transfer money worldwide every day. There are no fees.

This is sometimes called an email transfer.

You and your recipient each need:

  • An account with a participating bank or credit union
  • An active email address or mobile phone number
  • See specific instructions for Holy Name Parish, below.

How Interac e-Transfer© works.

  1. You log on to your bank account, enter the amount, the recipient email address, and a secret question & answer.
  2. You send your recipient the answer to the secret question by another means: email, phone, text, etc.
  3. The bank sends a message to your recipient with a login link.
  4. Your recipient correctly answers the security question and chooses an account to deposit the money.
  5. The bank transfers the money to the account specified by the recipient.
  6. The bank sends you a confirmation notice.

How Interac e-Transfer© Autodeposit works.

This is a more secure version of e-Transfer, based on the recipient email address. The Holy Name Parish recipient email address is registered for Autodeposit,

  1. You log on to your bank account, enter the amount, and the recipient email address. There is no a secret question & answer.
  2. The amount of the transfer is deposited directly into the bank account registered to the recipient’s email address.
  3. The bank sends a notification to your recipient. The reader of the email cannot intervene.
  4. The bank sends you a confirmation notice.

Instructions for Holy Name Parish e-Transfer Donation

  1. Log on to your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  2. Enter as the recipient’s email or mobile number.
  3. Enter the amount to transfer.
  4. A security question is not applicable after you enter the parish email address.
    • If your bank asks for a security question and does not indicate “THE CATHOLIC PARISH OF HOLY NAME OF JESUS is registered for Autodeposit”, do not proceed. Make sure the email address is correct. Contact your bank.
  5. Enter in the message box:
    1. If Holy Name Parish does not have your complete contact information:
    2. Include any instructions, including amounts to direct to different funds (eg. General Sunday Offering, Food Bank, Together We Serve, Building Fund, etc.)
  6. Follow the bank’s directions to confirm and send.
  7. You and the Parish will each receive a confirmation email.

Note: If you receive e-Transfer funds, you can register yourself for Autodeposit. Learn more: Interac Autodeposit.


Catholic Parish of the Holy Name