Parish Logo

Our Logo was designed by Brian Holdsworth, a Catholic graphic designer and owner of Holdsworth Design in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Fr. Roger Rouleau provided Mr. Holdsworth with some design elements he felt were essential, and our logo is the result.

Everything in the design symbolises an aspect of our Parish.

There are four principal elements:

1) The Christogram

The first three letters of the Greek version for Jesus (“IHS”),
along with the starburst, was used by St. Bernadine of Siena
as a symbol for the name of Jesus
to spread the devotion to the Holy Name.

Notice how the stylised “H” caresses the Cross.
Given the name of our Parish,
this is an essential component of our logo.

The Christogram represents
Holy Name Church in Vermilion.

2) The Cross

Behind the “IHS” stands the Cross of Jesus, the great symbol of our Faith.

This particular design of the Cross is associated with
St. Benedict, the venerable monastic founder.
It can be found of the St. Benedict Medal and many monastic images.

St. Columba Church was founded in 1926 by a Benedictine Priest, Fr. Andrew MacDonell, who worked hard to bring Catholic Scottish immigrants to Western Canada.
St. Columba himself was also a monk.

The Benedictine Cross represents
St. Columba Church in Clandonald

3) The Lily

The lily is a classic symbol of purity and
is often associated with St. Joseph,
the most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Lily represents
St. Joseph Church in Derwent

4) The Colours

Three Red Dots

The Three Red Dots on the ends of the Cross represent the three churches of our Parish,
united together as one Parish by the Cross of Christ and centred on Jesus.


The Blue symbolises
Mary, Mother of God and our Mother.


The Gold symbolizes
the golden fields of our farming territory.

Catholic Parish Of The Holy Name