Calendar Posting Standards

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About the Parish Calendar

The Parish calendar is a Google calendar owned by

Other options are technically available, but the sole purpose of this calendar is to be viewed on the parish website in Masses & Calendar.

Please adhere to these standards and conventions, to enhance the readability in the website, and provide consistent, timely and accurate information.

These instructions assume you are able to login to, access the calendar in Google Chrome and know how to add/change/delete a calendar event.

Event Title – Masses

Always use the word “Mass”, to clearly differentiate from other events in the calendar.

Always prefix the title with a location code in brackets:

  • (C) – Clandonald (St Columba Catholic Church)
  • (D) – Derwent (St Joseph Catholic Church)
  • (L) – Vermilion Valley Lodge
  • (LTC) – Long Term Care
  • (P) – Private Mass
  • (SJ) – St Jerome’s Catholic School
  • (V) – Vermilion (Holy Name Catholic Church)
  • (*LS) – Live-Stream mass (Append location in brackets)

Append the “intentions”:

  • – John Doe” denotes “For the intentions of” the person named “John Doe”.
  • + John Doe” denotes a Mass offered for a deceased person named “John Doe”.

Examples: Mass titles

  • (C) Mass – Parishioners
  • (V) Mass +John Doe
  • (SJ) Mass
  • (*LS) Mass (St Joseph’s Basilica)
  • (V) Funeral Mass +John Doe
  • (P) Mass (Fr. Joy)

Event Title – Other Events

Make the title brief, but clear and complete.

Examples: Other Event titles

  • Baptism Class
  • Potluck supper
  • Knights of Columbus meeting
  • Parish Council meeting
  • Annual yard cleanup

Check how it looks in the website Masses & Calendar. You can always enter lots more information in the Description below.

Date & Time

  • Click the (start or end) date to open a calendar box. Click the date in the calendar.
  • Click the (start or end) time to scroll through times to choose.

The end time defaults to one hour after the start time. The default is OK for most masses.

Otherwise, always enter an accurate planned end time.

All Day Events

To create an event with a date but no time, click “More options” to open the detail update page.
[OR, create the event and save it. Then edit the event to open the detail update page.]

Either way, find the “All Day Event” checkbox. The “time” field disappear when “All Day Event” is checked.

Recurring Masses & Events

You may have to save the event, then go back and edit it, to fInd the “Does not repeat” dropdown box, and change it to the repeat pattern you need. The options are very flexible.

This is the easiest way to set up:

  • Weekly masses
  • Monthly meetings
  • Anniversaries

Example: weekly masses

Create repeating masses Titled “Masses – Parishioners”.

To change the intentions on a given mass, edit that day’s mass and add the intention to the title (see above).

Then when you click the “save” button you have the option to save “This event”, “This and following events” or “All events”

This applies also to deletions. You can delete a single instance of a recurring mass or meeting.

Cancellations and Deletions

You can delete an individual event in a recurring series. This is OK when setting up a new mass or event.

However, in general, when any previously scheduled mass or event is cancelled, it is better to add “CANCELLED” to the description than have it just disappear.


Remember, this calendar is viewed from the website by parish outsiders attending a mass or a meeting, and by parish newcomers.

ALWAYS include a name and complete address, so the (map) link will correctly open a Google Map window. See how this looks in the Calendar Tutorial: Mass/Event Detail.

There is no need to type all the detail. Let Google do the work – just start typing the name.
As you type the name, Google auto-complete will display potential matches. Keep typing until Google displays the location you want; then click it. You can edit the name or address afterwards.

Examples: Auto-complete entries

  • holy name verm
  • st columba cla
  • st joseph derw
  • vermilion & distr
  • vermilion valley lodg (this may not work)
  • st jerome’s ver

If the place has no street address, or Google can’t find it, enter as much info as you have, eg. “Derwent Rec Centre, Derwent, AB”, but be aware that Google maps may show some amusing assumptions.


Multiple lines can be added (the size limit, if any is uncertain, but it seems to be quite large). Text can be formatted (bold, underline, size, etc.) You can “copy” and ‘paste” text from other windows.

Please follow the following standards:

First line: Enter the room (or outside location) at the destination, eg:

  • Parish Hall
  • Meeting Room
  • Knights of Columbus Meeting Room
  • Fr. McGivney Room
  • Grotto
  • Note: The Sanctuary is assumed for masses; no need to enter
  • Any other location to help attendees find the event

Never assume “everybody knows”.

Additional lines: any other useful information available, eg:

  • Fees (maybe for pancake breakfast?)
  • Materials to bring?
  • Who may attend?
  • Child must be accompanied by parent?
  • Preparation to make beforehand? (materials to study?)
  • Web link for more information

Example: Baptism Preparation class

Parish Hall
Parents wishing to have their child baptized are required to attend this course. Please register through the Parish office.

Example: 1st Communion Class

Knights of Columbus Meeting Room
Please register your child. Forms are available at the entrances of the churches.

Example: Food Bank

In the Parish Hall.  Information at the church front entrance. More information at 

Example: Mass during pandemic

*Limited attendance due to COVID-19 pandemic
*Please pre-register by calling the Parish office during office hours (780)853-5161
*See the Parish website for up-to-date information

Example: Veni Sancte Spiritus

Pentecost Novena and Retreat
For more information, or to register, go to

Example: (*LS) Mass (St Joseph’s Basilica)

St. Joseph’s Basilica  live-streaming Sunday Mass with Archbishop Richard Smith: 


There are two calendars in the account which are used by the website.

One of these must be selected for an event to appear in the website:

  • Events
  • Masses

To see how these can be used, see the Calendar Advanced features tutorial.

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