Wooden Crucifix

This crucifix stands by a derelict church beside St Mary’s, a little Catholic country cemetery south of Derwent, Alberta. (See map)

St Mary’s Cemetery falls under the jurisdiction of Holy Name Parish.
Catholic cemeteries (there are 5 in the Parish) are owned by the Parish, but operated and maintained by the local county, in this case The County of Two Hills.

See Cemeteries.

This is the second time this crucifix has been used for the website cover image.
The first time was in the dead of winter (January 2020), using photos taken in the fall of 2019.

The original image was retired because it is improper to display a partial image of Jesus on the Cross. See the long-winded story here.

Short technical explanation: For “cover images”, WordPress needs an aspect ratio of approximately 16:9. As interesting as they were, none of the photos on hand could be cropped into that shape without cutting off some of the image of Jesus.

An unsuccessful attempt was made in January 2020 to take new photos.
As it happens, St Mary’s is a cold, cold, windy place in the winter.

A pandemic social-distancing “field trip” on a warm spring day in May 2020 produced some much better working material, resulting in a new cover image that fits the frame.

Yes, the cover image is photoshopped to correct one particular flaw.

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