Frosty Roadside

Retired April 2, 2020

This photo was taken on a country road about 3 km south of Clandonald, Alberta (the home of St. Columba church) on a sunny morning January 29, 2020. The temperature was about -8°C.

On this particular morning, the entire Parish was covered in frost like this. The hoarfrost covering everything was the result of clouds and fog over the previous 2 to 3 days. 

If you live in a northern climate you know very well what hoarfrost is.
Otherwise, see it explained at The Encyclopedia Britannica and AccuWeather.

These photos don’t show how beautifully the ice crystals sparkled in the sun. It was spectacular!

By mid-afternoon the sun had melted all the frost away.

Some more photos taken the same morning:

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