About This Website

Handcrafted with care

This website was built in the winter months of 2019 / 2020 by parish volunteers.

It was officially launched February 28, 2020.

Comments, corrections and suggestions are welcome! Please direct inquiries to the pastor or the parish office.


The colours of the headings and highlights are the blue and gold from our Parish logo.

Photos & Images

Local photographs:

  • All photographs are used with the permission of the owner, or have been used in previous publications.
  • Photos of people will be used only with the permission of the persons shown.

Photos and graphic images from all sources, including internet:

  • Only images known or assumed to be license-free images are used, with recognition of the owner or artist given where appropriate.

We won’t knowingly violate copyright or use any images against the wishes of the subject or the owner. Please report any concerns or violations to the Parish office for prompt removal.

Parish Calendar

The parish calendar is a Google Calendar owned and shared by liturgycom@gmail.com.

It is maintained outside of the website via Google Calendar in Google Chrome web browser.


This website is built on WordPress.com, using the “Chaplin” theme.

Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is recommended by the Archdiocese, for various reasons including support for orphaned websites.
  • Licensing fees are paid by the Archdiocese. As the license holder and website host, they have “Super User” access in addition to an Admin login.

Why Chaplin?

Chaplin is a free theme developed by Anders Norén, based on the current (at the time) WordPress default theme “Twenty Twenty“.

  • It supports the new default block editor.
  • It includes 3-column page support.
  • It has the unique parallax cover image. (See the Front Page Cover Image Gallery).
  • Chaplin’s features enabled us to build a website that stands out from the rest.
  • At the time, Chaplin was stable and bug-free.
    Twenty Twenty was not (we tried it).
  • Chaplin is optimized for mobile devices.
    • Readability on cell phones is a priority.
    • Some features, such as the calendars were configured specifically for cellphone users.
    • Chaplin recognizes the size and type of screen being used (computer / tablet / cell phone) and changes the display accordingly.
  • Chaplin is free.

More Technical: Plugins used

Thousands of WordPress plugins are available to provide additional features.

Active Plugins:

  • Akismet Anti-Spam
    • A standard plugin recommended by the Archdiocese.
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Classic Editor
    • Allows older page types to be used in Chaplin.
  • Contact Form 7
    • Not currently in use
    • Tool to create forms like the Calendar Event Request.
    • Not-so-handy because you need to code in HTML.
    • BUT it includes a DATE Field in its ‘free” version. WPForms wants a $25/month subscription for that.
    • It makes nicer looking forms than WPForms, but uglier notification email.
    • It has no security features (ie reCAPTCHA)
    • Used initially for the “Contact Us” features. Those were decommissioned in July 2020 and replaced by WPForms, to take advantage of reCAPTCHA.
  • Disable Comments
    • Comments are prevented in blog posts. The option does not even appear.
  • Enable Media Replace
    • Enable replacing media files by uploading a new file in the “Edit Media” section of the WordPress Media Library.
  • Flamingo
    • Saves messages “because Contact Form 7 doesn’t”
    • From the makers of Contact Form 7
  • Jetpack by WordPress.com
    • A standard plugin recommended by the Archdiocese.
    • In other news, WordPress has “a global team of Happiness Engineers“.
      Seriously. See for yourself; click the link.
  • PDF Embedder
    • Allows PDF images to be used in pages and posts. WordPress does not otherwise support PDF files, except as a file download.
    • It’s messy.
  • Phoenix Media Rename
    • Allows you to simply rename your media files, once uploaded.
    • Would be useful if we have content creator users (blog posters) uploading media files, so we can maintain standard namingconventions.
  • Post Type Switcher
    • For when you mistakenly create a Page as a Post, or vice versa. Saves deleting and re-creating.
  • Prevent Browser Caching
    • Shows the latest changes on the site without asking the client to clear browser cache.
    • This may not be a perfect solution, but hopefully it helps.
  • Quick and Easy FAQs
    • Provides a quick and easy way add FAQs using custom post type and later on displaying those FAQs using Gutenberg Blocks or shortcodes.
  • UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
    • Backup and restore: take backups locally, or backup to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace, (S)FTP, WebDAV & email, on automatic schedules
  • User Menus – Nav Menu Visibility
    • “The plugin gives you more control over your nav menu by allowing you to apply visibility controls to menu items e.g who can see each menu item (everyone, logged out users, logged in users, specific user roles). It also enables you to display logged in user information in the navigation menu e.g “Hello, John Doe”. Lastly, the plugin allows you to add login, register, and logout links to your menu.”
    • Initially used to hide the Tutorials menu from users who are not logged in. There may be other future uses.
    • Used to create Sandbox menu item for developing pages.
  • User Switching
    • Allows quick switching between users
    • Useful for testing and maybe for posting
    • Only available to Admin users
  • WP-Optimize – Clean, Compress, Cache
    • Cleans the database, compresses images and caches pages. 
  • WPForms Lite
    • Handy to create forms such as the “Contact Us” and “Website Survey & Suggestion Box”.
    • Handy, BUT I switched to Contact Forms 7 for the “Calendar Event Request”, because WPForms “free” version does not include a Date field.
    • It makes nicer looking notification email than Contact Form 7, but uglier forms.
    • It includes reCAPTCHA security features
      • Note: the reCAPTCHA setup is registered to the liturgycom@gmail.com account
      • reCAPTCHA is configured with reCAPTCHA V2 – Invisible reCAPTCHA badge
    • All Contact Forms 7 forms were decommissioned in July 2020 and replaced in WPForms to take advantage of reCAPTCHA.
  • WPFront Notification Bar
    • To place a pop-up notification in various places without having to modify any Pages.
    • Useful for urgent messages or notices.
  • WPFront Scroll Top
    • The helpful little button at the bottom of each page, to scroll to the top of the page.
  • Yoast SEO

Inactive Plugins:

  • MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress
    • Not currently activated. Might be usable in the future.
  • Private Google Calendars
    • Not currently active. We use HTML code supplied by Google Calendar.
  • WP Content Copy Protection
    • Disables right-click (and other things) to prevent photos and images in the website being copied and re-used.
    • It does need to be turned off for admin work

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