Together We Serve – Fall Appeal

A message from Lena Black, our TWS Coordinator

Our TWS Mission is to invite Catholics and others of the Archdiocese of Edmonton to give joyously and generously to the Catholic organizations that serve those in need at home, in Canada, and abroad as we work together to advance the Mission of the Catholic Church.

The objective of our Archdiocese is to increase the number of Parishes that increase their Parish target. Our Parish Target currently is $18,000, down from previous years due to fewer donations with the pandemic. We are proud to announce that we have already exceeded our target this year. This is a huge reason to celebrate. Thank you!

For any amount over the target of $18,000, we receive a rebate to either donate back to TWS or use where needed in our Parish. For example, the rebate can be used for repairs and maintenance of our churches. We are in need of some repairs, so please continue to donate to TWS or to our Building Fund.

A big thank you to all of you for your donations to TWS over the years and we encourage you to please continue to give generously.

Who are the beneficiaries of our donations?

1) 70% goes to Catholic Organizations such as:

  • Catholic Social Services
  • St. Joseph Seminary (where our our Seminarians stay)
  • Newman Theological College (where our Seminarians study)
  • St. Joseph’s College
  • St. Joseph’s Priest Foundation
  • Local needs

2) 15% goes to needs of the church in Canada

3) 15% goes to 3 international collections

Ways to give:

  • Use the TWS envelopes provided either in your donation boxes or at the back of the church
  • Online donations either through our Parish website or the Archdiocese. (Please select our Parish name so that it adds to our total. Donations can be made either as a one time donation or weekly or monthly by credit card or pre authorized debit.)

Starting in October, the first Sunday of each month will be designated ‘Together We Serve Sunday’. We kindly ask that you give as generously as you can to this campaign.

Thank you again for all your donations and for listening to my request for your continued support.

More information on the Fall TWS appeal can be found here.