Grotto of the Immaculate Conception

Our parish has a beautiful new tribute to the Immaculate Mother.

The Marian statue and brown base were installed in 1988 at Holy Name Church with the help of the Knights of Columbus and parishioners. As years went by it was showing its age. The Knights of Columbus of the Holy Name Church had the desire for many years to refurbish the statue and make it more appealing. Finally, in 2020, we decided to replace the old Marian statue (which had lost the details due to age and repainting many times) and renovate the base along with new landscaping.

In 2021, we were fortunate enough to get the same model, Immaculate Conception Statue, to replace the old one, and so completed the basic works. The benches were installed in 2022. Since the Grotto had no specific name so far, we decided to name it as the “Grotto of the Immaculate Conception” to honour the Immaculate Mother. The Blessing and Dedication of the grotto was on August 14, 2022.

The new features of the Grotto: 

• The new Marian statue faces to the south side, to the front entrance and parking lots. 

• A beautiful pergola stands with new stamped concrete leading to its base. 

• Benches were placed on either side are for people to sit and pray. (The benches are made with the pieces of the old trees that were previously at the grotto.) 

• Automated lights and fixtures