Be Fraud Smart

Scammers are everywhere.

Anybody can be a target of an online scam.

Churches everywhere, including Holy Name Parish, are easy marks for scammers.

Note: If your phone number or email address are posted in the parish bulletin or website, you may be at higher risk to receive a fake email or text.

Father Joy will NEVER send an email or text asking for money or gift cards.

Check the email address

  • A scam email has a fake email address (possibly some other victim’s real email address).
  • Father Joy’s ONLY email address is
  • See the other valid parish email addresses on the Contact page.

Do not trust Caller ID

  • A scam text or phone call probably has a fake phone number.
  • It’s easy to fake a phone number or caller ID in a text or phone call.

Always verify

  • It’s not rude. It’s reassuring to ask, “Did you just text me asking for a special favour?”.
  • DO NOT automatically click a callback link or “call back” on your phone. You may be connecting to a scammer.
    Call, text or email from your contacts or from the parish website, or dial the number manually.
  • Or call the parish office.
  • Or ask Father Joy in person after mass!

NEVER send money, gift cards, or game cards at anybody’s request

  • See the parish website Donate page for the only legitimate ways to donate money to the parish.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name