Holy Name Church Rooftop

A bird’s eye view

It’s complex

Many sections and angles, and even original buildings are joined together in one amazing structure.

Different materials:

  • Flat tar & gravel
  • Sloped tar & gravel
  • Flat rolled roofing
  • 2 kinds of shingles

Somehow, it all fits together

This is the part being replaced with standing seam metal – the sloped tar & gravel over the office wing.

See Holy Name Roof Repair -New Info for details.

Funds are still needed for the office wing repair.

You can donate via:

  • Cheque (mail or deliver to the office)
  • Interac E-transfer (see Donate)
  • Online E-Donation via credit card (see Donate)
    (fees apply)

Be sure to specify “Roof Repair” with each type of donation.

Charitable donation tax receipts will be issued.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name