There’s a Hole in the Ceiling!

It leaked again

The roof leaked again over the music area in Holy Name church!

This time it wasn’t melting ice or condensation.

It was a hail storm.

To understand the problem, we start at the top.

There are drains in the corners of the flat part of the roof over the sanctuary.

This is the one at the southwest corner – over the music area.

Roof drain above the music area

A cast iron pipe runs inside the ceiling, then
down the inside corner of the building and
exits through the wall at floor level to drain outside.

What could possibly go wrong?

Roof drain pipe

The drain pipe was suspected of being cracked due to corrosion (and possibly winter ice?).
Apparently that’s common with cast iron pipes.

The drywall in the ceiling was a mess.

There was only one way to find out

Darrell Chahley was engaged to remove part of the ceiling drywall.

Fiberglas insulation was wet. Darrell removed the wet insulation.

As expected, there was the cast iron pipe.

But the pipe was not cracked.

It wasn’t even wet.

So where was the water coming from?

Cast iron pipe. Undamaged, sealed and dry. See the box hiding the pipe down the corner of the wall. Who knew?

Next step: the Garden Hose Test.

Watering the roof drain.

It took no time to start dripping below.

The problem was easy to find. A few centimeters of the roofing material had lifted, allowing water to trickle below.

It came unglued

It was simple to fix

A leaf blower thoroughly dried the area.

Then a quick squirt of roofing cement was all that was needed.

After the cement cured overnight, the Garden Hose Test was applied again. Dry as a bone!

The cleanup will take a few days

Darrell has sprayed the wood with an anti-mold product.
He will replace any severely damaged wood and expects to have new drywall in place by the weekend.

Taping, mudding, sanding and stippling will take place over several days.

It will look like new when it’s done.


This was the simple job.

Yet to come: the major roof repair over the office wing.

See Holy Name Roof Repair -New Info.

Funds are still needed.

You can donate via:

  • Cheque (mail or deliver to the office)
  • Interac E-transfer (see Donate)
  • Online E-Donation via credit card (see Donate)
    (fees apply)

Be sure to specify “Roof Repair” with each type of donation.

Charitable donation tax receipts will be issued.

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