Holy Name Roof Repair -New Info

$5,750 raised as of August 18, 2021.
Over $17,000 needed.

No surprise here: the roof leaks!

There are two areas of concern

1) The front of the sanctuary

In the past couple of winters, we have had water dripping from the ceiling over the choir area, especially in warmer temperatures following a winter cold snap.

It was puzzling. This is was the latest theory.

A few years ago, we replaced all the pot lights in the ceiling with energy efficient LED lights.

Factors that seemed to come into play:

  • The cavities containing the original pot lights are now empty, with no vapour barrier, and no insulation.
  • The new lights do not generate heat like the original ones did. Heat from the old pot lights may have dispersed any condensation, whereas now frost can build up in colder weather. When the weather warms up, the frost melts.
  • The only corner of the sanctuary exposed to two cold walls is the music corner. Perhaps that is why it is the one with the freezing condensation in the roof cavity.

While the ceiling paint has been touched up, the stain in the carpet remains.

The plan was to insert vapour barriers and fill the pot light cavities with insulation.

Two lights received this treatment, and that seemed to work.

News Flash! That didn’t work.

See There’s a Hole in the Ceiling!.

2) The foyer and office wing

This is the expensive part.

Last winter we had water pouring into the foyer from the ceiling. Remember the buckets?

The paint has been touched up, but the damage is still apparent in the foyer.

There is evidence of leakage in the stained ceiling in the office wing across from the pastor’s office.

Why so many problems?

The situation is challenging due to multiple buildings and additions being connected together, with different types of roofing.

There is a complex combination of shingled slopes, flat tar and gravel and low sloped tar and gravel.

Past attempts have been made but problems persist.

What needs to be done?
(Updated August 18, 2021)

The Building Committee put this repair out to tender.

The winning bid was by Arcand Roofing in Lloydminster.

Arcand Roofing determined that the leak was due to problems with the membrane at the bottom edges of the tar & gravel roof over the office wing (the old rectory).

The parish committees opted for a longer-lasting solution, rather than merely replacing the tar & gravel.

Arcand will replace the tar & gravel over the office wing with a “standing seam” type of metal roofing.

The tar & gravel over the foyer is deemed to be performing adequately (i.e. not leaking). That section will NOT be replaced.

What’s the cost?

Arcand’s quote is for $17,377, plus any unforeseen extras such as rotten wood or mold due to past leakage.

The Parish Finance Committee and the Archdiocese have approved the expenditure. The work should be done soon, preferably this summer.

Fund Raising

The parish needs your generous donation.

As of August 18, 2021, donations to date total $5,750.

You can donate via:

  • Cheque (mail or deliver to the office)
  • Interac E-transfer (see Donate)
  • Online E-Donation via credit card (see Donate)
    (fees apply)

Be sure to specify “Roof Repair” with each type of donation.

Charitable donation tax receipts will be issued.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name