Holy Name Parish Stage 3 Reopening

Stage 3 Re-opening

Mass Restrictions Changed

The Archdiocese has provided guidance to parishes in accordance with easing of provincial restrictions beginning July1, 2021. Parishes may largely return to normal operations, depending upon local municipal bylaws, and with discretion in each parish. (See the Archdiocese Stage 3 Memo for the Archdiocesan guidelines)

  1. From July 1st onwards, we will completely follow the AHS and Archdiocesan plan of reopening “without restrictions”.
  2.  There will not be online preregistrations for any Masses; but we may continue the online registration for other events, like Youth programs or similar.
  3. Since AHS or Archdiocese do not make mask anymore mandatory in normal cases, we also do not force people to wear masks ; but it is “recommended” for those who do not feel comfortable otherwise; and those who are not fully vaccinated. They can still wear masks.
  4. Those who still need or like to wear masks can sit either with other people on the main body of the church or else they can be seated away from others. We will still open the Parish Hall for those people who would like to be away from those who do not wear masks anymore. They will be provided Holy Communion as we used to do other times in the Hall area.   
  5. Sunday obligation is still lifted up until the end of August.
  6. We should still follow the guidelines of the  Province and the recommendations of the Archdiocese regarding the hand sanitizing and other necessary personal hygiene.
  7. All parishioners are expected to screen themselves for symptoms and those who are symptomatic are asked to stay home till they get well. 

The Archdiocese reminds us, “being patient with one another is so crucial as the reopening begins”. 
Please pray for one another.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name