Clandonald Cemetery Vandalized (updated)

Restoration under way. Work bee planned.

June 4, 2021

The Clandonald Catholic Cemetery was vandalized
sometime between Friday, May 21 and Tuesday May 25, 2021.

Up to 39 headstones were pushed over, and others were displaced.

Vermilion RCMP are investigating.

Repairs are under way, according to the wishes of the families.

Various groups of volunteers have been at work at the cemetery this week, cleaning, repairing, cutting grass.

Local funeral homes are donating their time and resources for families they know who request assistance. Repairs are only done with permission of the families.

Some families prefer to look after their own, privately.

Graves with no living families will be taken care of by volunteers and the funeral homes.

A big Thank-You to Creech’s Lakeland and Reflections funeral homes!

Creech’s were on site with a crew and equipment on Thursday June 3, with a stone & granite setting compound imported from Germany.

Although most damage was limited to toppling and moving headstones, plenty of (heartbreaking) hard work is still required.

Some of the pushed over headstones were uprighted by family members or friends but remain unstable until they are properly fixed.

At a glance, it appears as most of the headstones have been taken care of, but approximately 25 plus headstones still need scraping, cleaning, leveling and regluing.

Annual work bee planned

Clean-up and work bee will be held Saturday June 12 starting at 9 am, weather permitting.

In light of the recent vandalism, this year we will be primarily working on restoring the damaged headstones.

Please bring your own rakes, shovels, weed eaters and push mowers as well as your own lunch and refreshments.

Reflections Funeral Homes will be on-site to work with families they have been in contact with.

The annual work bee is a labour of love. All grave sites whether or not having living relatives are taken care of equally. All headstones will be fixed to the best ability of volunteers.

The cemetery relies totally on donations. All work is volunteer except for the lawn mowing being hired out as many parishioners are aging.

Coming Up: Grotto Renewal

The process of having the grotto redone will begin on Monday.

The statues of Mary and Joseph have previously been removed, to be repaired, repainted, and replaced in the grotto area.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name