Website Facelift

What happened to the crucifix image?

June 2, 2021

What happened to the crucifix image?

Dramatic and unique, the scrolling “parallax” front page cover image served its purpose well in the new website.

The original concept was for changing images to reflect parish and seasonal events. Different images were used in early 2020. See Cover Images.

Eventually Parish leaders suggested a static recognizable look. The crucifix at St Mary Cemetery was used since mid-May 2020.

A New Look

Only the front page has changed. It now features the most recent articles in “Parish News”.

Click an article to read, or click “Parish News” in the menu to see the full news blog.

The entire website is still available via the drop-down menus in the top header.

Reduced, Reused, Recycled

The full-screen parallax image is gone. No more scrolling to peek behind it.

Gone, not gone! The old front page has become “About Holy Name Parish”, under the “Our Parish” menu.

The new front page is smaller, with only the recent articles and the menu.

Why the change?

  • Website stats showed people have been landing on the front page and going directly to mass signup, possibly missing important information and events in “Masses & Calendar”
  • Having the latest news and events on the front page is more convenient for viewers. Everybody coming to the website will see the latest news at a glance.
  • With media of all types, formatting and web links, a Parish News article can be more interesting and more informative than the brief spaces available in the Parish bulletin.
  • Creating Parish News articles is less work than constantly trying to wedge important announcements where they might be seen. Fewer web page modifications will be required.
  • We can expand the use of Parish News articles to let everyone know “what’s up” in the parish.

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