Prayer Buddies

Matching those who are feeling the burden of isolation (such as seniors) with younger members of our parish.

Some members of our community are feeling alone, isolated, and longing for connection; even more so due to the pandemic.

To address this issue, we would like to facilitate a simple and safe connection between those who are feeling the burden of isolation (such as seniors) and younger members of our parish. 

Younger members are asked to pray for the individual and also create something like a drawing, craft, or letter to lift the spirits of the person who is isolated. 

Parents can assist with whatever is created (no food) and use this opportunity to start, or add to, a prayer routine. 

Their “gift” will be delivered to the church to be distributed by parish volunteers.

In return, the person receiving this gift could also offer prayers for the child/youth. 

Parents will need to provide consent.

Confidentiality will be respected. Once matched, the prayer partners will exchange first names.

Adults who would like to participate, and parents of children who are interested, please contact the parish office to provide contact information. 

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name