Daniel Fasting

An online spiritual retreat!
(Daniel 10:3)

A Spiritual retreat program organized by Shalom Media, which is recognized by our Archdiocese.

They used to organize Spiritual retreats at St. Theresa’s Parish, Edmonton every year. This year they made it online, due to COVID 19.

If someone from our parish would like to join, then I hope this info will help them.

Fr. Joy Vadakkan CFIC

Daniel fasting – 21 days spiritual journey with prayers and sacrifices – is the deliberate and intentional dedication to focus on God and humbling oneself in the presence of almighty God.

It is a voluntary regimen with suggestions for daily prayer, diet and sacrifices.

Fr. Roy Varghese Palatty CMI (Spiritual Director, Shalom Media) will be leading this initiative. 

Special Intentions

  1. To save humanity from the deadly plague of corona.
  2. In reparation for the sins committed by us and our families.
  3. To strengthen all the evangelization efforts of bringing Jesus to the ends of the earth.
  4. To prepare the Holy Catholic Church to embrace a new Pentecost.

Registration for this event is free.

For more details or to register, please visit the website: http://www.shalommedia.org/danielfasting/

Shalom Media is a catholic ministry that works with the church to evangelize the world and to strengthen those who are in Christ through all means of media.

Catholic Parish of the Holy Name