Clear Your Browser Cache

Don’t see anything new? Clear your browser cache!

It’s a problem that vexes webmasters everywhere.

The Parish website has been changed.
WHY don’t I see the new version?”

You may not even know there IS a new version.

What’s going on?

Downloading web pages to display them takes time and bandwidth.
To speed up web page display, all web browsers store a copy of every web page they access, in “browser cache”.

Before displaying a web page, your browser checks its cache.
If it finds the page cached and the page hasn’t changed, the browser displays the cached version, rather than taking the time to re-download the page from the internet.
It makes your browsing experience that much faster.

Your browsers doesn’t always know a cached page is obsolete.

What can I do?

Simple fix: Clear your browser cache!

  • Most Windows browsers: Press F5 or CTRL-F5 combination to refresh your screen from the website.
  • Android: pull down the page from the top of the screen, and release.
  • Safari on iPhone or Mac: tap the circular arrow button in the upper-right corner of the Safari window to the right of the Address Bar.

If that doesn’t work:

“Webmaster, can’t you do something about this?

We keep trying plugins that purportedly prevent browser caching.
They don’t seem to work reliably.


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