Protocols for Attending Mass -Stage 2

Stage 2 relaunch protocols. Pre-registration still required to attend mass. Sunday Offerings. Dispensation remains in place. Face covering required.

Update July 31, 2020

Under directions from the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton, all persons must wear a face covering or mask inside the church.

June 12, 2020

Note: Pre-registration is still required to attend mass at Holy Name Parish, including Holy Name Church and St Columba Church. Please contact the office to register.

Province of Alberta Announces Stage 2 Relaunch

The Province of Alberta has removed the maximum attendance limits on worship services, but “with public health measures in place”.

“Worship leaders … can now offer in-person services with no cap on attendance, as long as physical distancing of 2 metres is maintained between families and household cohorts.
Congregational singing is a high-risk activity and is discouraged.”

Social distancing requirements limit Holy Name Church to 60 participants and St Columba Church to 30 participants.

See the full guidelines here on the Archdiocese website.

The main protocols are unchanged from Stage 1:

  • Those who wish to attend any weekday or Weekend Mass will have to phone the Holy Name Parish Office during working hours to register their names in advance and their family members if they come along with the contacting person.
  • The entrance door will ONLY be opened 30 minutes prior to the Mass and will be locked during the celebration. Check-in begins 45 minutes before Mass.
  • While registering, the contact information of attendees will be recorded (and kept in the Office for two weeks) and checked while entering the Church. This recording is also for the purpose of contact tracing if necessary.
  • Attendees will be asked a series of health and travel-related questions as recommended by Alberta Health Services.
  • Sanitizing hands upon entry and exit are mandatory.
  • Require masks for all volunteers and all attendees are encouraged to wear masks, especially during Communion Service and have to bring their own.
    All persons must wear a face covering or mask inside the church.
  • Need to observe physical distancing between people/different families in and out and throughout the celebration.
  • Congregants will be able to receive Holy Communion in the form of the consecrated bread, but there will be no distribution of consecrated wine. Communicants will need to wear a mask to approach for Holy Communion, as will the priest when he is distributing it.
  • Singing during Mass is not allowed, as this can cause to spread respiratory droplets that can infect others with the coronavirus.
  • Attendees and volunteers from demographic groups that are at a greater risk of serious illness, such as people 65 years of age or older and individuals with chronic medical conditions, are encouraged to stay safe by avoiding public gatherings, but are not prohibited. But if wish so does it at their own risk.  
  • Anyone who has even the slightest symptoms or feelings of any sickness must remain home to save themselves and others.

Sunday Offerings

Offering baskets will not be passed by the ushers during mass.
Please place your offering in the Offerings Basket at the rear of the sanctuary when you enter for mass.

The parish still needs your financial support. See Donations for other ways to help.

The dispensation of the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place until decreed otherwise by the Archbishop.