Website Development Notes February 27, 2020

Official launch date. Old website status. Archdiocese Find-A-Mass.

It’s Official!

We are on track to introduce the new website to the 3 churches after Masses on February 29 – March , 2020.

The old website

Last week the old website was unexpectedly gutted. Then it disappeared for a few days. After a brief skirmish, it was restored to (approximately) its original format. It’s back now.

On Feb 29 a note will be added to the front page of the old website, linking to the new site.

The old website will remain in place for a month or so, to make sure we don’t lose anybody who may not have heard the news about the new website. When the time is right, it will be deleted.

The Archdiocese

The Archdiocese website has a Find A Mass feature, which to leads to the Mass schedules for all the Parishes. The links for our Parish now point to our new website.