Website Development Notes February 16, 2020

All forms LIVE. Calendar Requests online. The Bible online. Every good website needs a game. Various formatting.

New Features

There’s a FORM for that!

A question came up about what authority is required to update the calendar. I hadn’t yet determined how that would happen.

Now there’s a way!

The calendars are now managed online via the Calendar Event Request. See the Masses & Calendar page for the link.

All calendar events can now be managed via this form.
The onus is on the the convener of the event to make sure the calendar is current.
See the request page for directions. (Be sure to read the fine print).

Bonus feature: All calendar submissions (Add/Change/Delete) are sent to the Calendar Person ([sigh] that would be me, for now) AND to the Parish office, for consideration for the bulletin.

I had to laugh at myself.

After I installed this (and was patting myself on the back for the clever idea) I checked out Vermilion’s website. Sommai had asked me to take over the new online submissions to the town calendar.

Wouldn’t you know it, Vermilion’s great new idea in their WordPress website is a request form, like the one I just created!

Well, theirs necessarily has more details.
And it’s fancier – they are either using a “paid” plugin (I used a “free” one) or they have a smarter HTML programmer than me (not much of a stretch, that.)

Yes, I had to write HTML code to use the free plugin I wanted. <yuk>.

Read the Bible Online!

Last week somebody assumed I would have included this in the website already.

I hadn’t found that on the web. Or maybe I just hadn’t thought of it. Am I losing my edge?

Anyway, I found a place on the web to read the NRSV-CE online for free. See What We Believe.

  • Also put a link in the Faith menu, under Daily Readings.

What? You don’t know what ” NRSV-CE” means?
See What We Believe.

Every good website needs a game. Doesn’t it?

It’s in there, you’ll find it.

I didn’t think St Anne’s would mind if I link to their site.
Sometime it’s better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.


All Forms are “LIVE”

About the Daily Readings

  • I finally figured out who the provider is. It’s Living With Christ. I added the acknowledgement to the link in Masses & Calendar.
  • Moved Daily Readings to the top of the Faith menu

About This Website page

  • Still a moving target as I incorporate additions and changes.

Formatting Here & There

  • I continually tweak pages to improve the readability. I haven’t kept track.