Website Development Notes February 9, 2020

The Creed & The Bible. New photos. Little project turned into a monster.
Plugins (technical).

Since the last update:


  • Added a link to the Archdiocese Nicene Creed page in The Creed.
  • Added The Bible to What We Believe.
    • Well, that should have been obvious, eh?
      Hmmm, nobody has pointed that out that glaring omission.
    • I used the Archdiocese page Deepening Your Faith as a reference. It says “Get a New Revised Standard Version – Catholic edition (NRSV-CE). This is the translation we hear at Mass in Canada. The Catholic Bible Society publishes an inexpensive one.
    • I would have included a link, but I can’t find (actually, Google can’t find) a “Catholic Bible Society”.
      There is a Canadian Bible Society, which is not particularly Catholic, and a Catholic Biblical Association of America, which is not particularly Canadian. I didn’t want to use either of those.
  • Changed the feature photo of the Food Bank page from an internet download to an actual photo of our food bank shelves.
  • Added photo of the donation cart to the Food Bank page.
  • Added photo and text to the Library page. This page is now complete, except for the list of books.
  • Updated Last Rites info in FAQ page with text from February 9 bulletin.
  • Have you ever started a tiny project that turned into a monster? And asked yourself, “WHOSE idea was THIS?!
    I added the 1976 “Official Opening and Dedication” of Holy Name church booklet to the History section.
    It’s done now, and it’s important to preserve these things.


  • Installed “Broken Link Checker” plugin.
    • It found 5 broken links, all internal, which I corrected.
    • It will now scan periodically and notify me via email when it finds broken links.
    • This will help avoid a lot of problems, especially with external links.
    • Speaking of external links, just for fun I scanned the Archdiocese website with the Online Broken Link Checker.
      In 2411 pages (yes, 2411 pages) it found 212 broken links not including duplicates. What?! I’m not sure whether that includes all the Parish websites like ours.
  • Installed “Yoast SEO” plugin.
    • (SEO = Search Engine Optimization)
    • It’s a technical marketing tool, used by “millions of websites worldwide to rank higher in search engines”.
    • I just want search engines e.g. Google to find our website, but this tool will help me improve the overall performance.

For a complete list of plugins, see About this website.

And for another “WHOSE idea was THIS?!” revelation:

That Yoast SEO plugin has just heaped up A TON of work it wants me to do; internal tweaks in every single page and post!
I did say I wanted to learn more about SEO. This’ll do it.
Oh, well, in the end, this website will be excellent!