Website Development Notes February 3, 2020

e-Donations! Who knew?


How did I miss this before?

I knew, of course that the Archdiocese website uses for online donations.

But I didn’t pay attention to two things:

  1. Their Together We Serve page has a Parish Name selection box.
    They keep track of online donations on behalf of the Parish!
  2. They have a Parish Donation page, also with a Parish Name selection box.
    You can donate to a Parish on the Archdiocese website!

Today, the old, rambling Online Donations page has become e-Donations!

We currently provide online donations for:

  • Holy Name Parish (general fund)
  • Holy Name Parish’s Together We Serve fund

We still do not have online giving for:

  • The Building Fund
  • The Food Bank
  • Any other current or future project

We still need to set up our own Parish account with for those. But this is a great start!

  • The Together We Serve page now has a “How to Donate” section with a link to the e-Donate page. And I added the 2019 donations total.
  • The Food Bank page no longer mentions an online donation option (for now).
  • The old Online Donations page, somewhat rewritten, is now linked from e-Donations.