Website Development Notes February 2, 2020

New cover photo! Emergency line active. New Website survey. Feature updates.

This website is READY.

Since the last update:

  • New front page cover image
    • New Cover Image Gallery archive page.
      All the “About this cover page image” links will go there.
    • I expect to change the cover image from time to time with topical or seasonal photos.
      Why do that when nobody else does? Yes, that’s exactly why.
  • Added notice in red to the Contact page:
    The emergency line IS ACTIVE AND MONITORED while Fr Joy is away on vacation.
    ~Because the new website IS publicly accessible, and you never know when somebody may land on it.
  • Added Website Survey & Suggestion Box page, with links to it from several other pages AND the footer in every page.
    This is the last big change I wanted to make, except for the Online Donations.
  • Added Added Co-op Hunger Bags to the Food Bank page
Hunger Bags at Co-op
  • Technical: Installed a plugin to disable all blog comments.
    The “Comments closed” block should disappear from the bottom of each post.
  • Contact page reformatted. Better readability.
  • Added “for the intentions of” explanation to Masses legend in Masses & Calendar page
  • Added “feature images” to most of the Blog posts.
    Just for fun.
  • I emailed the Archdiocese webmaster with our start date, and asked him to take a quick look at our new website.
    I will follow up with him probably later this week.