Website Development Notes January 16, 2020

Fonts & formatting.
Blogs makeover: Menu position, Categories

More compact text

Having successfully avoided studying HTML since it was invented in the previous century, I finally researched enough this week to inject Custom CSS into this WordPress website.

What is that, you say? 
It means hacking the internals adjusting the internal controls of the “Chaplin” theme we are using, to fine-tune the way pages are rendered (i.e. displayed).

Long story short: Mission Accomplished!
The theme’s base font size is reduced so all the text is smaller, more compact.

I think it’s more readable.
Did you notice? What do you think?

I would also like to reduce the amount of blank space between the top menus and the page headings, but I haven’t figured that out yet.
It’s a needle-and-haystack thing; I’m not sure I will live long enough.


The Masses and Calendar links in the front page work. Thanks for pointing it out, Pat.

Pages reformatted to look better with the smaller base font size

Contact, FAQ, Links. Probably some others.

Different font for headers

All text was previously Arial font.

Headers are now Times New Roman.
I’m thinking a different font makes headers look more like headers.

Blogs Makeover

  • Blogs moved from a sub-menu under “News”, to top-level menu beside Bulletin.
    I think it looks better there, more logical.
    Also moved “News” to the lower menu row.
  • Added “All Blog Entries” category
  • Blog lists (aka “Post Archives”) are now 3 columns. More readable, I think.
  • Blog lists now show preview beneath the title of each blog.

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