Website development notes January 14, 2020

About page, Bulletin page, Blog Categories.

“About Holy Name Parish” page

The front page and the “About Holy Name Parish” had duplicate information.

Most info moved to the front page. Deleted the “About” page. Replaced the “About” option in the header menu with “Location”, which jumps to “One Parish. Three churches.” in the front page.

“Bulletin” menu

Moved “Bulletin” from the “News” menu to the top level menu (between “Masses & Calendar” & News”))

“Bulletin” page

The buttons were ugly. Rebuilt the page.

“Masses & Calendar” page

Added a link to the Bulletin page

Added linked pages for Vermilion Long Term Care (still needs some work)and Vermilion Valley Lodge

Added “Read the Blog” link

Reformatted the Legend


Renamed it to “Parish Blog”

Changed the blog categories:

  • News Blog
  • Events Blog
  • Bulletins Blog