Website development notes January 9, 2020

Saturday/Sunday Masses wording. Disappearing Parish Logo. Front page image issues. GIRM.

These are issues raised in the January 7 meeting, and actions taken.

Wording of the Saturday/Sunday Masses block (on the front page, and the About page) was not clear

I re-worded and restructured it.
It seems more understandable now to me, but then I’m the one who wrote it.
See what you think.

The Parish name was disappearing from the header in the small screen (cell phone) view

This was puzzling. There seemed to be no good reason for it.
I did two things:

  1. This took a while because it is so obvious.
    WordPress is arranged in “Pages” and “Posts”, which are the same thing, only different. Because the name of the front Page was “Welcome”, the word “Welcome” appeared at the bottom of the screen in the opening view.
    I renamed the page to “Catholic Parish of the Holy Name”, so that’s what displays now when you first enter the site, even on a cell phone. In nice big block letters.
    I prefer the look of that anyway, but unfortunately its doesn’t solve the problem of the missing name in the header.
  2. I was afraid this would be the case:
    In the cell phone view only, WordPress will display EITHER the logo, OR the name. Not both.
    I deleted the logo from the header. Now the Parish name is displayed on every page in cell phone view.
    But one of our objectives is to highlight the logo as much as possible.
    To compensate, I added the logo and Parish name to the bottom of every page.
    Every page. All 46 of them.
    Imagine how long that took.
    I actually like this better than having the logo in the header.
More contrast needed somehow to make the header and title more readable on the opening screen, and display the whole cross.

These are two separate but related issues.

I invested a fair amount of frustration in arguing with WordPress about image size vs resolution vs dimensions vs aspect ratio.
WordPress won.
No amount of cropping and tweaking, short of photoshopping in wide bars (top and bottom) or a frame will convince WordPress to display the whole cross with the image I have.

The photo (well, all of them; I have more than one) is not wide enough.
I will have to drive out to St Mary’s and re-take the photo with high resolution in landscape mode.

While it would be nice to have a seasonal photo with a pile of snow on the crucifix, I have decided to defer that task to a day when I don’t have to go out and freeze my butt the afternoon sun will be a bit higher and the light is better for photography.

Meanwhile, my efforts to crop the photo to appease WordPress made it seem to zoom in a bit more. So now, all the text is over the dark background. I changed the text colour of the opening screen to White.
I think it looks great the way it is. It works on computer, tablet and phone screen views.
I wonder if I can convince Fr J that the artistic value of the current image makes it acceptable. Did Michelangelo never obscure part of a cross?

There are other solutions:

  • Find another photo to use
    Good idea. We could even change change the photo periodically (or seasonally) (or to highlight current events).
    I just don’t have anything pertinent to use right now. It would be a fun project to take photos all around the parish. See my comment above about the height of the afternoon sun.
  • Give up on the parallax image
    I’m not willing to give that up. Yet.
    One click will delete it, but that first impression is one thing that makes this web site really impressive. In my opinion, of course.
  • Find another WordPress theme
    I’ve tried a few. It’s painful.
    Firstly, changing themes is superficially easy, but making all the features work can be very time-consuming. Each theme has its own unique setup options and controls. Switching themes can be like putting a square peg in a round hole.
    Secondly, finding another theme (free or otherwise) that works is hugely time-consuming. And frustrating. Features of themes are very poorly documented. You practically have to install a new them, reconfigure it and fix all the problems just to find out whether it will work.
    I can see maybe trying different themes down the road, but right now my time is better spent completing and improving all the content in the site.
Display the logo in the headings of the Parish Vision and Parish Mission

Done. That was easy.



In Sacraments page, include “contact the office” link